Men’s League

Serving the Greek Community Since 1955


In 1955 Father Constantine Volaitis organized a group of men who had been highly involved in the organization of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas.  He told this group of men that they should keep this organization together by forming the Men’s League.  Shortly after, the organization was formed in order for these men to continue the good work that they had been doing for the church.

In the Community

The Men’s League is involved in various aspects of the community.  Every year the organization is involved in helping feed the hungry by donating meals to families in need.  As well as donating food, they have donated thousands of dollars to aid the church.  The Men’s League also volunteers their services to the annual St. Nicholas festival which contributes a large portion of the church’s yearly earnings.


Every year the Men’s League organizes a fishing trip and a golf outing for the members.  The outings help bring the members of the organization closer together.  Brotherhood and friendship are what have made the Men’s League run so well all these years.  The outings provide a great opportunity for all the members to continue the tradition of brotherhood and friendship


Phone: 718-357-4200

Meetings: Second Tuesday of every month at 8 pm in the Church Hall.  Potential members are invited to observe one of these meetings.

To Join: Fill out an application at