Youth & Young Adults

The mission of the Youth and Young Adult Ministries of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Shrine Church is to provide an environment where our younger members can learn their Orthodox faith and traditions through Worship, Fellowship, and Service. By participating in these ministries, they continue to grow and strengthen their relationship with God and one another through their commitment to the Greek Orthodox Faith.

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The Junior Orthodox Youth organization is open to all children ages 5-12, and meets throughout the year. JOY members participate in various activities that reinforce the positive teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church. Some activities include: service projects, crafts, outings, fundraisers, festivals, dances, sports, and much more!


Junior GOYA

While technically part of JOY, Junior GOYA is specifically catered to children in grades 5-7, addressing the age gap between younger and older JOY members. The group meets once a month, and is molded on our GOYA meetings, providing an opportunity for both fun and fellowship for all. Like JOY, Junior GOYA engages our youth in their faith through discussion and activities.



The Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) organization is open to all between the ages of 12-18, meeting regularly to plan events for the upcoming months. GOYA provides an environment where our youth can learn and strengthen their Orthodox Faith in today’s society, as well as embrace their Greek heritage. GOYA members participate in many diverse activities, including retreats, service projects, dances, sports, outings, bake sales, and much more.



St. Stephanos Young Adults Fellowship

The St. Stephanos Fellowship is open to all adult members of the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Shrine Church between the ages 18-30. Aptly named by one of our priests after one of the first and youngest martyrs of the Christian church, St. Stephen, this group encourages young adults to be active witnesses of their Orthodox faith, through participation in social, spiritual, and philanthropic activities. Whenever possible, our St. Stephanos fellowship also collaborates with other local young adult groups, further expanding our circle of Orthodox Christian fellowship. As the emerging future body of our Orthodox church, there is no greater mission than for our young adults to live out the precepts of our Faith today. Young adults can follow and keep in touch with our St. Stephanos fellowship on Facebook and Instagram.


Altar Service

Boys and young men, ages 8 and above, are encouraged to participate in the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and other holy days by serving in the sanctuary, also known as the altar. This experience provides the opportunity to learn more about our Orthodox Faith and its liturgical tradition. The role of the altar server is essential to the services of the Church.  The server has a place of honor in the Divine Liturgy because of his important assistance to the priest. His dedication is a sign of his faith, that he stands ready to serve God in this special way. Altar servers are held to the discipline and standards of the honor of serving in the altar. Boys and young men who are interested in this ministry may contact any of our priests through the church office.